Fire Works Pizzeria

Written by The Dr Grub on July 17, 2012

Fire Works is a local contemporary American pizzeria and bar located in Virginia. Here are  some of the pizzas from them.

Sopranos pizza in a classic Italian American style mushrooms, onions, sausage , truffle salt on cheese and classic tomato sauce.

Guadalajara pizza is a taco on pizza crust. Guadalajara pizza has spiced beef, cheddar, pico de galllo, jalapenos, lettuce, sour cream.

Fire cracker pizza has pepperoni, onions, olive and crushed red peppers on classic tomato sauce.

Black sheep pizza is full of gamy lamb sausage, feta cheese , spinach, onions with tomato sauce and balsamic glaze.

Pizza seasoning… classic!

The Beer List at Fire Works on chalkboard .. so it changes with each new keg.

Terrapin Rye Pale Ale..

White sangria…

Fire Works Pizzeria in Arlington Virginia.


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